into the woods….floral & foliage design

botanical musings….

Native Blooms….

Romantic hues and modern textures feature in this

stunning bridal bouquet in soft pinks and greens….

 Protea, Brunia, Eucalyptus, Seeded Gum and Leucadendron

Soft Pinks and Greens for a January Wedding - Protea, Brunia, Eucalyptus, Gum Nuts, Leucadendron,:

Image Source – Swallows Nest Farm

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Hello May ….

The month of May in Melbourne, looks like this…..


Time to take long meandering walks….

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Creative Easter displays….

Alternative to chocolate eggs….

Brocante eggs:

Image Source

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The perfect blend of mother natures’s gifts and the one gadget I can’t live without….

my telephone, my messages, my calendar, my address book, my newspaper, my camera,

my instagram and the list goes on….

For floral enthusiasts….


Image Source

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Exquisite floral arrangement by the creative studio Florals by Swallows & Damsons.

As you look deeper, you will notice the nuances that assist the transition of the colours ….

colour scheme analogousImage Source


Autumn Mood….

As we transition from Summer to Winter, Autumn provides us with an abundance of materials to incorporate into floral designs.

Not only the rich tapestry of foliage colours and flowers, but the addition of seed pods, ornamental grasses, fruits and berries….

The following arrangements have been influenced by Autumn and its harmonious colours of deep reds, plums, aubergine, dusty pinks, russet, copper, burnt oranges, golden yellows and butterscotch browns….

orange red 6

Image Source

This stunning arrangement features dahlias, roses, chrysanthemums, scabiosas and sunflowers and the seeded gum, rose hips and vines add further visual interest.

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Colour Wheel….

Inspiration for floral colour palette begins with the colour wheel….

One of the design elements

Colour palettes create an ambience….

Certain colours can energize whilst others subdue.


Image Source

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Botanical fragrances….

Inspired by works of 18th century British artist Mary Delany, Master perfumers translate these artworks into luxurious fragrances for Nest Fragrances, New York.

Mary Delany began her work at the remarkable age of 72 years!

I enjoyed leafing through this book

mary delany.jpg

Here are a few stunning bottles that were influenced by her artwork….

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Colour Scheme…. Yellow & Purple

Last of the Complementary Colours, but not least, is Yellow and Purple!

Admittedly, at full saturation it is the most unsettling colour scheme for me.

I certainly adore Yellows and Purples in floral arrangements but not together….

The lighter end of the scale creates a much softer palette and evokes and old world feel.

Here are a few charming bouquets with a slightly rustic touch….

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