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Merry Christmas….

Merry Christmas

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Floral Collage….


Creative floral collage to announce the last month of 2017….


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Spring ….

It is enlightening when a quote truly resonates with your thoughts….

As spring starts to surface and the trees begin to bloom, we can see God’s reminder to align our hearts to the new thing He’s doing. Let us go to Him in prayer, asking Jesus to help us embrace all the “new” he has in store for us.

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Scabiosa seedpods….

Scabiosa pods are a delightful addition to any arrangement, their round heads adding intriguing texture and form. They are mostly featured in whimsical arrangements.

Scabiosa pods work well with most colours especially greens, whites, yellows, greys, plums, peachy tones, and also with succulents and other pods!


..born and raised in a flowershop.. and still my favorite flowers.. are wild ones. scabiosa pods. love, love, love them.

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Winter Arrangement….

When considering new plants for the garden, I not only select the plant for its flower but also for its seedpods, catkins, fruits, berries and changing foliage colours.

I appreciate how these elements highlight each season and that they inspire people to create enchanting arrangements.

Moody Winter Floral Centerpieces from McKenzie Powell Snippet & Ink

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This dramatic arrangement certainly captures the winter mood and is styled beautifully with candles and draping velvet fabric.

Created by McKenzie Powell Floral & Event Designer – Seattle.

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Nature provides quite an array of  foliage, seed pods,  grass seed heads, fruits, berries, pine cones, wildflowers and branches to excite the inner forager in us all.

These seasonal elements add texture and interest to your arrangements

All you need is a sturdy pair boots, trusty secateurs and a basket for your haul ….

Of course, respecting the law in your country and being mindful of our precious ecosystem

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Native Blooms….

Romantic hues and modern textures feature in this

stunning bridal bouquet in soft pinks and greens….

 Protea, Brunia, Eucalyptus, Seeded Gum and Leucadendron

Soft Pinks and Greens for a January Wedding - Protea, Brunia, Eucalyptus, Gum Nuts, Leucadendron,:

Image Source – Swallows Nest Farm

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Hello May ….

The month of May in Melbourne, looks like this…..


Time to take long meandering walks….

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Creative Easter displays….

Alternative to chocolate eggs….

Brocante eggs:

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