Autumn Mood….

As we transition from Summer to Winter, Autumn provides us with an abundance of materials to incorporate into floral designs.

Not only the rich tapestry of foliage colours and flowers, but the addition of seed pods, ornamental grasses, fruits and berries….

The following arrangements have been influenced by Autumn and its harmonious colours of deep reds, plums, aubergine, dusty pinks, russet, copper, burnt oranges, golden yellows and butterscotch browns….

orange red 6

Image Source

This stunning arrangement features dahlias, roses, chrysanthemums, scabiosas and sunflowers and the seeded gum, rose hips and vines add further visual interest.

The designer has used a harmonious colour scheme of hues of red, pink, orange and yellow.  These hues sit next to each other on the colour wheel and feel tranquil together.

Autumnal Mood ….

orange red4

Image Source

orange red 8

Image Source

Add to the mood with candlelight ….

Designer has chosen the accent colour, deep plum , for the candles and crockery

and brass candlesticks….

orange red 17

Image Source

orange red 12

Image Source

orange red 15

Image Source

orange red16

Image Source

Image Source

orange red 10

Image Source

Happy Autumn Days….


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