Native Blooms….

Romantic hues and modern textures feature in this

stunning bridal bouquet in soft pinks and greens….

 Protea, Brunia, Eucalyptus, Seeded Gum and Leucadendron

Soft Pinks and Greens for a January Wedding - Protea, Brunia, Eucalyptus, Gum Nuts, Leucadendron,:

Image Source – Swallows Nest Farm

 Soft blush colours and lovely textures….

Pink Protea, White Protea, Berzelia, Dyandra, Pincushion,  Leucadendron and Gum

Native November Wedding in Soft Blush Colours - Protea, Dryandra, Berzelia, Pincushion, Gum, Leucadendron:

Image Source – Swallows Nest Farm


Summery textured bouquet in shades of pink….
features  lovely pink Protea Pink Ice, light pink flowering gum, Banksia Occidentalis , Leucospermum, red Kangaroo Paw, Leucadendron and Eucalyptus.

Swallows Nest Farm: February Flowers:

Image Source – Swallows Nest Farm

Wintry textured bouquet featuring

Banksia Brownii, Banksia Ericifolia, Phylica, Tea tree, Berzelia, Eucalyptus bud

and featuring blue green succulents and blue spruce

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

The  above featured flowers were grown and created by  Grace of Swallows Nest Farm in South Eastern Tasmania, Australia. This place is a gem!

They grow proteas and native flowers and their floral creations are spectacular!

To learn more about native flowers and see more inspiring arrangements,

 click the following link to their blog – Swallows Nest Farm


Another stunning  bouquet featuring natives was created by Botanica Naturalis

in Freemantle, Western Australia

 White Protea (with a dusting of gold),  Seeded Eucalyptus and Erica,

works in harmony with bulb flowers of  Tulips and Hyacinths !

Australian native white and gold sheath wedding bouquet with Eucalyptus, Tulips and Hyacinths | Peggy Saas Photography | See more:

Image Source

Loving this Unstructured Native Bouquet also, featuring peppercorn and magnolia foliage and delightful blushing bride in there too….

unstructured native bouquet:

Image Source

This showstopper includes Kangaroo Paw, Waratahs and gumnuts too….

Image Source

The Design Elements are all present, Colour, Line, Texture, Space and Form…..



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