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Colour Scheme…. Blue & Orange

Complementary Colour Scheme this week is blue and orange….

This colour combination duo is not often in demand,

perhaps because both  are strong colours

but when we play with the tones and select contrasting floral and foliage textures,

this can be overcome.

Rich and Sumptuous tones….


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Valentine’s Day 2017

February 14th – St. Valentine’s Day


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Fall in Love with  Valentine’s Day Florals here ….

Colour Scheme: Red & Green

The array of colour schemes that Mother Nature has blessed and inspired us

with is endless.  Although selecting a colour scheme from scratch can be daunting .

Starting with one of the Complementary Colours today….

Red & Green


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Indoor Plants….

Indoor plants have made a comeback….


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Trending in particular are hanging plants and

a myriad of hanging  planters

1. Image Source 2. Image Source 3. Image Source 4. Image Source

Click on link for information on planters


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Happy New Year – 2017!

Cheers to all who are captivated by the floral spell ….


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Iced flowers are perfect for Summer celebrations….

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Refreshing and Revitalising Green


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For  Pantone statement, colour palettes and inspiring video launch,

click the following link;

Pantone Colour of 2017


Green Foliage

Lush green foliage adds line, texture and form to arrangements

or makes a statement just on its own….

Green Foliage Bouquet ….


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Terrarium Centrepieces….

Glamorous gardenscapes captured in stunning glass vessels

create an interesting centrepiece ….


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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers….

Botanical Illustrations….


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Spring arrives in September….September.PNG

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